Homeowner Dues


HOMEOWNER DUES FOR 2021 OF $350 PER LOT ARE DUE FEBRUARY 1, 2021We will give anyone that needs it an additional 30 day grace period.  This is the only invoice you will receive for the 2021 dues.  The preferred method of payment is either via Venmo or Paypal- to use these options please follow the below steps:


  1. Create or log-in to your Venmo account on your smartphone.
  2. Select blue “Pay or Request” button.
  3. Enter “@MPHOA” and select us.
  4. Enter $350 and include your address or lot number in “What’s it for”
  5. You can change to who can see your payment to “Private” if you wish.
  6. Select “Pay”


  1. Visit  https://www.paypal.com/us/signin
  2. “Login” with your paypal account.
  3. Click the “Send & Request” option on the top of the screen.
  4. Enter “mcguffeypark@gmail.com” & click “Next”.
  5. Enter the $350.00 with your address or lot number and click “Continue” button.
  6. Confirm you are “Sending to a friend” as shown to avoid paypal fees.
  7. Click the “Send Money Now” button.

We will also still accept checks as well, if you need to write a check please include your lot number on the remittance portion of this letter and/or on the memo line of your check.  If you need to know your lot # you can get this from the phase maps on our home page of our website.


We appreciate your timely payment of your dues.  If you have an extenuating circumstance and cannot make your HOA dues payments timely please let us know.  There will be no pool access for any lot that has unpaid dues.  In accordance with Section 5(g) of the McGuffey Park Homeowners Covenants, any dues that are not paid within 30 days of their due date are considered delinquent and will begin to accrue late fees equal to 18% per annum.  Delinquent dues will also be considered to be turned over to the Association’s attorney for collection and if so will incur attorney’s fees and/or court costs.  If they still remain unpaid, a lien is placed against the property for the amount of the dues and all associated costs.  This lien will remain on the property until all fees have been paid or it is sold at which time the Association will receive all unpaid costs.

Thank you

Your Board of Directors appreciates the help and cooperation they have received during the past year. Thanks to all of you, our subdivision remains a great place to live, and will continue to do so with your help this year.