Neighborhood Covenants

The goal of the neighborhood covenant committee is to ensure that all homeowners in McGuffey Park are in compliance with the written covenants.  This ensures that all homeowners will benefit by being assured that property values are secure.  We strive to ensure that all complaints and requests are thoroughly and fairly considered.

Common Covenants

  • Trash containers need to be out of view from the street and secured within the improvements of the each lot (page 23)
  • Boats, trailers & trucks (larger than 1 ton), campers and RV’s are not to be parked in the driveway (page 22)
  • Cars are not to be parked in yards on in the street, and are not to be repaired in view from the street (page 23)
  • Lawns are to be appropriately maintained, mowed and trimmed. No trash is to be left in the yard. (page 19)
  • All outdoor building and fences must be approved by the HOA directors. (Pages 14, 15, 19 & 20)


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Proposed Addition Application

This Proposed Addition Application is used for the purpose of conforming to the McGuffey Park HOA covenants. All additions to lots within the McGuffey Park subdivision must meet all local, state, and covenant rules and regulations as well as being approved in writing by the McGuffey Park HOA Board of Directors. Your addition is not approved until you receive a form signed by two current members of the Board of Directors in the mail.

    Owner Name:





    Proposed Start (mm/dd/yyyy):
    Proposed End (mm/dd/yyyy):

    Proposed Addition:

    (for example fence, addition or other structure as allowed by covenants)

    Detailed Description:

    (for example if a fence, the type of construction material, height and conformity to
    setback regulations, dimensions as well as outward appearance. If a structure the type of construction material, the
    dimensions, setback conformity and whether materials conform to the general appearance of house on lot and others
    in neighborhood, if an addition then attach plans along with drawings if available or a description of materials to be used.

    Complaint of Violation of Covenant

    All complaints will be researched.  If the complaint is deemed valid by the covenant committee follows this process:

    • A formal letter documenting the violation and the recommended steps to correct will be mailed to the owner of the violation.
    • If a resolution cannot be made within thirty days, legal action will be taken.  The owner of the violation will be responsible for:
      • Reasonable attorneys’ fees
      • Fees and cost of correcting the violation.
      • Interest on all fees and costs of enforcing the correction of the violation.
      • Restriction of pool privileges.
      • A continuing lien on the lot.

      Complaint Information:


      Street Address:



      Violation Information:


      Street Address:

      Date of Violation: (mm/dd/yyyy)

      Particulars of Violation:

      (Include the date (s) and location and nature of the
      violation and what provision of the covenants that pertains to said violation. Also
      include any steps you have taken to attempt to seek resolution):